Protecting Your Investments

Protect your investment with a few simple routine practices. Just like any other piece of equipment you use in your business, IT components need to be maintained. For example, dusting out the tower regularly means the fan doesn’t have to work as hard and helps keep the computer from overheating.

3squared helps you minimize the risk and take care of problems before they happen. We service over 400 computers and 30 to 40 servers for over 25 support agreement customers.

The 3 Most Important IT Functions


If something does happen, you want to be able to retrieve everything


blocking viruses and hackers


you don’t want to have daily problems

“You walk into your office and you expect to turn on your equipment and everything should work. You want to make it so it’s not something you have to think about.
Like your car – oil changes, brake pads – it’s the same thing with your computer. You want an antivirus program that is routinely searching for threats. Doing regular maintenance on your computer like you would your car, is what makes it something you don’t have to think about.”